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It is important to remember that rattlesnakes are found throughout the United States and the last thing any of us want is to be surprised by one along a hiking trail, in the grass, or worse, in our own yard. If a rattlesnake should cross your path, you'll want your dog to alert you without danger to either you or your pet. Rattlesnake Aversion training is the most humane way to train and protect pet.

It Could Save Your Dog's Life !



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Rattlesnake Avoidance
Clinics for Dogs

The goals of the Dog First Aid presentation are to teach participants how to be prepared for emergencies that involve a dog, how to protect themselves and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies, and how to administer prompt, effective first aid care. First aid for dogs is the immediate and temporary care given to an injured animal until it can be taken to a professional veterinarian for medical care and attention. The instructor for this course is a 30 year veteran firefighter/paramedic.​

Welcome, the old expression, “you cannot catch any fish if your line is not in the water” applies here. In order to improve wildlife habitat for the wild quail, dove, deer, turkey, rabbits or song birds you have to get involved and learn what it takes and maybe grab a shovel or jump on a tractor with us.

Caution: This is a passion, learning to help wildlife is known to be very addictive, and gratifying and can become a lifestyle, worthy of significant photography, a connection with the land for you and your family.

K-9 First Aid
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