Makar Pashabezyan


Makar Pashabezyan is currently serving as Vice Chairman. Makar is an avid Hunter, Fisherman, active Habitat volunteer and a Hunter Education Instructor.

John Nelson

Habitat Chairman

John Nelson is always been our Habitat Chairman. John has been doing Wildlife Habitat projects in our local Forests and Deserts for over 30 years. John also serves on the QUWF State Committee as State Chairman.

Jeff Carley


Jeff Carley is our "go to" board members.  Jeff is still very active in chapter affairs and is the backbone is running our Annual Banquet, Snake Avoidance Classes and Habitat programs.

AVO kouyoumdjian

Member At Large

Avo Kouyoumdjian is currently serving as our Member At Large. Avo is a very active Hunter, Fisherman, Habitat volunteers and also volunteers with Hunter Education classes.

Peggy Horn


Peggy Horn is currently serving as Treasurer. Peggy recently retired from her accounting position at the Home Depot. Peggy's husband Dennis is one of our "go to" habitat construction guys.

luann peterson


Luann Peterson is currently serving as Secretary. Luann is also our Youth coordinator and is Director of our Youth Shooting Sports Camp. In addition Luann is one of our Hunter Education Instructors as well.

hollis dyer


Hollis Dyer is currently serving as Chairman. Hollis has also been the Membership coordinator and is one of our Hunter Education, Youth Camp Instructors and is one of our CDFW Dog Handlers.

Derek C. Fong

PAST Chairman

Derek Fong has been on the "board" for many years.  He has held just about every position on the board at least once. Derek also serves on the QUWF State Committee, Hunter Education and Youth Camp Instructors.

    The Board of Directors of the Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation's, Santa Clarita Valley Chapter FC14 have been active as Conservation members for many years. The primary board have over 160 collective years of experience in Wildlife Conservation, Boy Scouts of America, Youth Programs, California Department of Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education, NRA Shooting, Range Operations and Firearms Training. Many of our board members are also distinguished members of their respected Federal, State and Local Committee and Counsels.

board of Directors